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Launching a new business venture is both exciting and challenging. Brightx Accounting is here to support start-ups on their journey to success. Our team's extensive experience in guiding new businesses through the initial stages makes us your trusted partner in establishing a strong financial foundation for your start-up.

Start ups

Choosing the right business structure and navigating the registration process is critical for start-ups. Brightx Accounting provides expert advice on selecting the appropriate legal structure, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited company. We assist with the registration process and ensure compliance with HMRC and Companies House.

  • Expert guidance in choosing the right business structure
  • Assistance with business registration, including HMRC and Companies House
  • Advice on shareholder agreements, if applicable
  • Comprehensive support for partnership agreements, if required

Sound financial planning is the cornerstone of a successful start-up. Brightx Accounting helps you create a robust business plan and budget, outlining your revenue and expenditure forecasts. We work with you to secure the necessary financing and provide ongoing financial monitoring to keep your start-up on track.

  • Development of a comprehensive business plan
  • Creation of realistic revenue and expenditure forecasts
  • Assistance in securing financing and investment
  • Ongoing financial monitoring and budget adjustments
  • Expert guidance on financial management for sustainable growth

Navigating tax obligations and compliance requirements can be daunting for start-ups. Brightx Accounting ensures that your start-up meets all tax and regulatory obligations. We provide advice on VAT, payroll, and corporation tax, ensuring you remain in good standing with HMRC.

  • Comprehensive tax advice, including VAT and corporation tax
  • Payroll services to handle employee tax and National Insurance
  • Regular compliance checks to ensure adherence to regulations
  • Efficient handling of year-end tax forms and submissions
  • Guidance on tax incentives and reliefs available to start-ups

Brightx Accounting goes beyond the initial start-up phase, assisting you in developing growth strategies. We provide guidance on scaling your business, expanding your customer base, and optimizing your financial performance. Our goal is to support your start-up’s long-term success.

  • Development of growth strategies tailored to your industry
  • Expansion planning, including market research and competitor analysis
  • Financial strategies for scaling your start-up effectively
  • Access to networking opportunities and potential investors
  • Mentorship and ongoing support to navigate challenges and seize opportunities