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Owning and managing rental properties can be a rewarding investment, but it comes with a range of financial and tax responsibilities. Brightx Accounting specialises in providing expert financial support and guidance to landlords, helping you navigate the complexities of property management and taxation with confidence.


Efficiently managing rental income is vital for landlords. Brightx Accounting offers comprehensive support, including rent collection, income tracking, and expense management. We ensure that your financial records are accurate and comply with UK regulations.

  • Rent collection and income tracking for hassle-free management
  • Expense management to maximize your rental property’s profitability
  • Management of rental income in compliance with UK regulations
  • Efficient invoicing and payment processing for tenants

Meeting property tax obligations is a key responsibility for landlords. Brightx Accounting ensures that you remain compliant with HMRC regulations. We handle tax returns, provide guidance on allowable expenses, and tax deductions, and offer strategic tax planning to optimise your financial position.

  • Efficient handling of annual property tax returns and submissions
  • Guidance on allowable expenses, tax deductions, and reliefs
  • Strategic tax planning to minimize your property’s tax liability
  • Proactive tax advice to optimize your financial position

Efficiently managing your rental properties is essential for success. Brightx Accounting offers guidance on property management best practices, maintenance cost tracking, and financial analysis to ensure that your properties remain profitable and well-maintained.

  • Property management best practices for successful rentals
  • Cost tracking for property maintenance and repairs
  • Financial analysis to identify opportunities for property improvement
  • Regular property health checks to ensure optimal rental performance